Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Instagramming and world domination

ok so I have been slacking on this shit real bad. I will admit that the lure of kittens, daily baby animals and choppershit has sucked me right in to the black hole known as Instagram. The shit is addictive....But this is where I am on my quest of getting my Wonder Shovel aka Shovelofthebeast back in the breeze. Me and jbmft rewired it one weekend his fam was out of town and we had downed some cold ones. Fresh wires from head light to tail light!! Popped that cherry for the both of us...
Next issue was my rear sprocket. Most of the teeth were broken and it sounded like a dry meat grinder in motion. So out comes the tools and a number of hammer swings later, I had most of the rivets out. Now I don't know how many of you out there have ever done this but it was a bit indimidating.
The next weekend JT was home alone and Japandon was coming over to get one of his scoots ready for Supertrip 2013. Perfect day to tackle setting the new rivets into the drum. As JT and I waited on Brandon, we decided to see whose fingers were gonna get smashed and who got punched...Thankfully neither happened. I did learn some things though.
1.Start with the 5lb hammer first, then the chunk of metal, then finish with hammer
2.My knees fuckin hate me
3.Jobs that require an extra hand always need beer too
the first 3 or so look ok as do the last 3, inbetween though they look wonky as hell. It holds so I am satisfied.
Nick Haints showed up and more beers and a tire got dealt with( JT did a way better write up on this part than I can, so here Saturday )
A few days later I got time to re-install the rear wheel and what not. I still have aa intake leak or I just can't set the timing on a 67 FLH. Need a clutch cable and done.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Ok. So I haven't done a blog post in a minute. Got a smarty phone and got stuck on the Grams. So JBMFT tells me that Blogger has an app and I am sitting in my truck waiting on Saint Mac to get home. So here

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonder Shovel strikes again

 I decided since it was a nice day to take a look at the front end and see why I had a weird vibration slowing down from 60+.

Off came the front wheel and everything checked out ok.
 Went ahead and removed the cowbells and noticed something on the fork tube seemed amiss...
 yep the fucking bastard is bent. not too bad here, but...

Slightly out of wack to say the least. So if anyone has a good used fork tube that fits a stock 67 FLH, holla at ya boi!

  Yesterday I cleaned up a part to send to Cananada(Skiidoo!)
 Bonz, for reasons unknown, welded a bracket to this brasshole air cleaner.

 I took a mop disk to the welds and some Brass-O to the brass, and this is the out come...

Pretty nice for maybe 20 mins of elbow grease and fumes...

Monday, February 25, 2013

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate that Fuggin' Rear Axle...

 This was the culprit that made removing the rear axle an hour long ordeal. There were 2 lil burrs that were not letting the axle slide freely, same on the other side as well.
 Seriously it took a few cuss words and JT hitting my hand with a wooden hammer once to get to this.
 You ever watched 2 fat old dudes wrestle a rear wheel. It should be seen to be believed.
 Tools for the day. The burrs were quickly taken care of with the dremel, then JT sanded the axle and spacers for like 30 minutes. Some shit about making sure it would "move freely when we put it back together" Little did he know that we would forget the drive side spacer the first time, the rear brake the second and something else the 3rd. It moved freely alright, we are just dumb monkeys!
 Taking pics of people taking pics. JT forgot to put his jumpers on this time and got grease on his jammies.
 After everything was back together, we made quick work of the Z bars. I welded them up a few days later so this is just mock-up. They look super chopper bad ass outlaw style!
 The day took a sour turn for me later that evening. I went to get the Wonder Shovel from my Mommie's house and noticed the kicker stuck on the exhaust after I got it running. Grabbed it to pull it back in place and Tada!

All better the next morning.

Here is the Wonder Shovel with the bars I got for narrowing the Zs. I finally have Monkey Bars. A lil different but I like em.

 That is it for now. Go get yer hands covered in grease or drink a beer or something you lazy bastards!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brother with another Shovel

Helped ol JBMFT with some risers last weekend. We were supposed to tear into his 4-speed but another buddy brought me the wrong sockets.

Here is a weird trike that was in the apartment complex as I was leaving the wrong sockets behind.
I was snapping pics of JT snapping pics. And some of JT wrenching.

This was pretty much the extent of my "helping", I did drink some beer though. Once he was happy with the bars and risers, we went for a quick spin to get some gas fer his 69. It's been a while since I have ridden with JT and I forgot that he hauls ass, everywhere! Once we hit the main road off his street, he hammered down. My speedo was above 1/2 a ton and he was a good piece ahead.

 We got gas and did the ole "will it crank?" with 2 old Shovels.

 This was our after-bro-down snack.

I hung for a bit and headed out. The Wonder Shovel decided to be a bitch when I stopped to get gas and answer the call of nature. I gave her a rest, grabbed a beer and she fired right up when I came back.

I will post again from the next man-date...

Monday, December 31, 2012

It's alive!!!!!!!!

Wonder Shovel 3.14 is done....for now. Thanks to JT for the name tag and air cleaner that actually fits my CV, the tanks are white with stained glass red flames. Took forever to get her kicked over. My fatass needed a workout I guess!