Saturday, November 10, 2012

Behold the Ice Wizard Cometh!!!!!

ok this gonna be my take on a SuperMotard Tracker Motorcycle thing. CB 750 frame and motor that has been collecting dust in the corner.
Old Sportster tank that I have never had a cap to is now the rear section. I don't think you can tell in the pics but CB's have a brace that runs at an angle from just behind the peg mount to the upper shock mount. I am gonna keep that line on the tail section.

Next is an old Rebel 250 tank that was called into service. I had to remove the stock bracing to get it to fit and trim the seat area a bit. I am gonna add some 1/2 round stock to the backbone under the tank to beef that back up. I have ran CBs without the bracing but I want this to be better than my old builds. Gonna clean up the seat area and plate what I have to.<>
Found some old Honda Showa rear shocks in the stash as well.
the bars are cafes ,or Clubmans or what ever the fuck you wanna call them, that I narrowed years ago.
They won't fit stock mounts so I get to make something for them. Gonna run at about the height they are at now.

 More updates as it goes.