Monday, January 30, 2012

Ready! Set! Gozer!!!

Gozer is my bud's shit-box Rebel. Today was tank and exhaust day.
here is what I did to the tank yesterday.Decided to scrap the whole idead and do something different more on that after lunch.

The exhaust was an amazing piece of workmanship. As you can see cross-pipe was properly secured with aluminum tape.

The pipes were held together with Bondo which much to my surprise had come loose.

The left side was mostly together except at the head. Just stuck up there and held tight with hose clamps to the frame.

My build mascot. Found in the durt next to where i was working.
First part of paint.Silver border.

Metallic blue center panel.Before wizard glitter.

After the spell was cast
Seems like the $3.99 Glitter blaster fucking died. Shit just runs out the top of the can.Oh well still on the fence about it.

That is all for this transmission!

Ex nihilo nihil fit!