Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today should be the last of the cleaning/organizing. I had shit strewn e'ery which way. Tools, nuts and bolts, random electrical parts.
This is an old Gillette display case that was here when we moved in. Now it holds nuts,bolts,washers,hose clamps,etc.
This was the toolbox my Dad took with us when we went to rod runs growing up. I got it when I got my first car and will be with me until I have a lil gearhead to give it to.
Bonz is my Dad's nickname. Has been since 18 or 19 year old. He really likes to sign shite,write on stuff.
Just down to organizing sockets. but I am a hungry bear and Ramen is calling.
The only window. at least Ginger is the view.
View from the back,both sides.
Grandma's Room.
the xt350 enduro project and what will be the OL's trike.
OK about to go back and finish up.
Later I am gonna lay-out the battery box fer Gozer.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Numero zwie!

I cut the wood yesterday. Old scrap boards left by the PO of the house.
Taking the beer cans to the scrap yard netted $8!
I used that to buy the brackets and screws so I am technically still at $0 for this.
One side finished.
the other was a lil different as I forgot about the pipe in the way. A lil trim job and she fits.
It looks waaayy crooked in this pic but it really isn't that bad.

All that pipe up in them guts! I know I am a returd.

If anyone needs a tire, lemme know what size and I'll check to see if I have it.
Need to move Kaiser's scoot back a bit.
Well gotta go bust suds fer a while. More tomorrow!
Bonz's 32 and my scoot

Cleaning/Rearranging Part uno

I have become complacent and lazy with my shop set-up, so time to change it up. Trying to do everything at little to no cost.
First off is making a space to work on (i.e.,drill,grind,etc)without a vise.
Recycled weight machine pieces+table that was holding all the scrap metal+1 piece of said scrap+a couple of 7018s=this thing.
It's not the best ever but it was built not bought.
Added another table frame lying around to hold this big ass cabinet Bonz gave me.

Some shit I made with scrap from an old job.

Today is shelves for exhaust, round stock and whatever else.

Stay tuned for the next installment.......