Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 I didn't get to make this year's Round-up but I found this at Lovelady the other day for $1.48!! Score!
 Top mount tapped for 3/8"-16. I have inch and a half bolts right now but will change em to one inch soon.
 Old Honda seat that was cut and shaped long ago. Fits it perfect for me.

 OK I don't have a lathe or a mill or a Smithy so I have to figure out how to make shit work. Adapt and Overcome! Semper Fi!
 So here is what I came up with in a pinch to drill out the ID of these reducers I had that fit real good as spacers. Until I can get some real ones.
7/8" Impact socket, worn-out clamp, and my Home-made work area/spot/POS.
 It actually work fine. It only needed a smidge taken off.
 Tanks back on, new fuel hoses in a few spots, got her up on the sidewalk and the battery died. FUCK!!
 Ol girl is charging right now, so time to check all bolts. As I found the kicker was loose after trying to fire her off the 2nd time.
I am gonna drink about a gallon of water as I do inspection and if the rain holds off I will take her for a spin.

                                             Fried Chicken and Gasoline!!!!!!

Here is what I am doing to the 67 FLH Shovelhead I inherited from Bonz. Just cosmetic changes( no blinkers, shortened 2 piece bars, mids instead of floorboards, tank swap, blah,blah,blah) More updates later today.
 Here are the pics from yesterday.

Here are the bars pretty much finished. cut about one and a quarter inches off the grip ends and about 3 inches off the clamp ends. Both the outside clamp pieces were broken. Bonz did the clutch side a while back, I did the brake yesterday from a wire wrap piece off a Honda.
 Whipped up some pegs from the old floorboard mount, left-over twisted square stock, and old Honda pegs.

This is a tip I made from an old after-market muffler. Just cut out the baffle at the seams. Then clean and weld, grind and file. I like the lil missile tip!
Fried Chicken and Gasoline!!