Friday, November 18, 2011

A Day of Awesome-tastic-ness Turned to Uber-Shite!

Decided to spruce up the Dungeon a bit.

My lil BuzzyBox.

Finishing up on the struts for JK's scoot.
I decided that it would behoove me to get said scoot on the level. Front,back and side-to-side!

After that was accomplished, on to the fender. Slid it into place and tacked it where it was centered nice and proper like.

Squared off the struts and liked the radius of the tabs I cut off last night. Use them as mounting points instead of that silly under-brace-thingy.

Fender runs profile of tire correctly.
Tack and cut once again.

Then the Shite-storm hit!! And man did it hit hard. Went by Cloud9 to drop off food and pick out a new tatty-zap. When I tried to crank the Volvo, it was a no-go. The starter has been slowly dying for the past week. So PaulyT gets me a ride back to the house and I jump in the new "Ginger" and start blasting toward 119 via Grant's Mill. About the time I pass the MegaChurch, I smell sumthin funny and notice a bit of smoke in the cab. Pull off at the gravel turn-around just beyond the Cahaba and find fluid pouring out of the driver's side of the radiator. As I look under to see if there are any more leaks, I spy something amiss. Not sure if you can tell in the pic but the retarded PO drove a nail and bent it 90 deg. where a cotterpin should be. Neat, right?

Well after some duct-tape and JB Weld, we finally made it home. Both rides out of commission for the day, had to call-in to work.

So It Goes!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Vampire bike

Did some work on Herr Kaiser's scoot tonight.
Simple fender mounts with allen head bolts and the nuts inside the axleplate.
Next was cut the old fender mount near the seat because the fender was mounted off center. Flipped them over and they hug the fender better.
Then the other part of the mount( the PO had 4 mounts. 2 right below the 2 in the pic) is gonna become the brace under the fender at the strut mount. More tomorrow!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday in Warrior

Trying to get the bike dialed-in last weekend, I smoked one of the valves. #4 more than likely. The easiest fix was to pull the motor out of my other scoot and do some heart surgery. The DLW is now a heartless whore, but in a good way. I shoulda took some pics of the removal process, because I sheared the head off of the oil filter bolt and had to cut the frame to get her out. Nothing major just tank supports that were gonna get gone anyways. So here it is after some weld and finesse to remove said shite bolt.

The dogfight commenced after that. My Pops ask who was gonna punch who in the mouth first. We both made it out without swinging. Here is motor in and just about ready to crank.

And finally here is a link to a vid of it running. Man, never realized how retarded I sound.

Some time this week she makes the journey home! Stay tuned.