Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brother with another Shovel

Helped ol JBMFT with some risers last weekend. We were supposed to tear into his 4-speed but another buddy brought me the wrong sockets.

Here is a weird trike that was in the apartment complex as I was leaving the wrong sockets behind.
I was snapping pics of JT snapping pics. And some of JT wrenching.

This was pretty much the extent of my "helping", I did drink some beer though. Once he was happy with the bars and risers, we went for a quick spin to get some gas fer his 69. It's been a while since I have ridden with JT and I forgot that he hauls ass, everywhere! Once we hit the main road off his street, he hammered down. My speedo was above 1/2 a ton and he was a good piece ahead.

 We got gas and did the ole "will it crank?" with 2 old Shovels.

 This was our after-bro-down snack.

I hung for a bit and headed out. The Wonder Shovel decided to be a bitch when I stopped to get gas and answer the call of nature. I gave her a rest, grabbed a beer and she fired right up when I came back.

I will post again from the next man-date...