Monday, February 25, 2013

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate that Fuggin' Rear Axle...

 This was the culprit that made removing the rear axle an hour long ordeal. There were 2 lil burrs that were not letting the axle slide freely, same on the other side as well.
 Seriously it took a few cuss words and JT hitting my hand with a wooden hammer once to get to this.
 You ever watched 2 fat old dudes wrestle a rear wheel. It should be seen to be believed.
 Tools for the day. The burrs were quickly taken care of with the dremel, then JT sanded the axle and spacers for like 30 minutes. Some shit about making sure it would "move freely when we put it back together" Little did he know that we would forget the drive side spacer the first time, the rear brake the second and something else the 3rd. It moved freely alright, we are just dumb monkeys!
 Taking pics of people taking pics. JT forgot to put his jumpers on this time and got grease on his jammies.
 After everything was back together, we made quick work of the Z bars. I welded them up a few days later so this is just mock-up. They look super chopper bad ass outlaw style!
 The day took a sour turn for me later that evening. I went to get the Wonder Shovel from my Mommie's house and noticed the kicker stuck on the exhaust after I got it running. Grabbed it to pull it back in place and Tada!

All better the next morning.

Here is the Wonder Shovel with the bars I got for narrowing the Zs. I finally have Monkey Bars. A lil different but I like em.

 That is it for now. Go get yer hands covered in grease or drink a beer or something you lazy bastards!!!


  1. Shenanigans, plain and simple.

  2. LOL! Ya'll have just way too much fun! Great post!